Discover the amazing amenities this hotel in Nyali offers

Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel

Gone are the days when a clean bed was enough. Guests expect more from their accommodations, especially given the steep prices of some suites. Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel understands this! And the following are the amazing amenities it offers.

Free Wi-Fi
In a society that’s deeply in love with technology, it should come as no surprise that free Wi-Fi takes the cake as the most desirable amenity in Sun Africa Beach hotel & Spa.

Luxury Mattress
First and foremost, Sun Africa Beach Hotel & Spa provides travelers with a place to sleep after a long day, so it only makes sense that guests enjoy high-quality beds. For most of you, lacking a luxury mattress is a deal-breaker, but this hotel perfectly understands your needs.

Fitness Center
It’s easy to pack on the pounds while on vacation—ditching your normal routine can often lead to overindulgence. Now, travelers are receiving help to whip them into shape at Sun Africa beach Hotel. An on-site fitness center is here just for your needs.

While it may seem extreme to reject a hotel because it lacks an on-site spa, some travelers consider this luxurious amenity a must-have. Spa holidays are all about relaxing and de-stressing. As well as offering a range of spa therapies, holistic activities and pamper sessions, they also provide the perfect opportunity to take in the local surrounding beauty.

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