Do you really know how to get what you want? Find out at F4L Gym today!

If there’s one Gym in Mombasa that’ll help you get ripped abs, it’s this place. It is right in the heart of the Bamburi, roof top Naivas.

F4L is all about the little voice inside that says, ‘You can’t do this. Just eat cake instead.’ They focus on a mix of Martial arts, and functional movement to get you thinking about exercise in a more positive way. It’s not necessarily about getting buff and checking yourself out in the bathroom mirror (although we’ll admit to the odd glance). It’s about small gains, self-improvement, taking the pretentiousness out of fitness.

The ex-British military started the F4L in Mombasa back in 2015. And there are several classes you can try, including Hot Aerobics, Zumba, Yoga Classes, 4D Pro, Judo, Brazilian Jiu jitsu + Muay Thai (we feel like we need all of them…)

Now, prices. You can get three months of unlimited access to the gym for Ksh 8,500. Or there’s weekly, monthly or daily packages if you’d rather go that way. Everything relies upon your financial plan, and how much time you figure you can save every week.

We say bring on the six-pack.

For more details Visit F4L.

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