Here is why Celebrities love this Beach house in Watamu

This house was perfectly designed to fit many celebrity preferences.  We compared most of celebrity houses with this beach house in Watamu and found a striking similarity. We wondered why some of the famous movie stars (Jonny Depp) & football stars (Edwin Van Der Sar) preferred this holiday rental to any other house in the world and here are the two main reasons:

Perfect Location

The house is located a few meters from the Indian ocean, and when you look at it from a far, you might think this it’s an oasis in the Sahara. Basically, It’ has got a super nice view and it feels great to have a holiday in such a house. The infinite pool is just set to make the house atmosphere cool. If at least one celebrity couldn’t shy away from it, neither can you.

Beautiful Interiors

This house stands by the ocean; from the inside it looks really spectacular. It has got spacious & comfortable rooms, not loaded with excessive objects.

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