How events have changed over the years

Events are now different and they keep changing every day. The customer is becoming the key now with the advancing technology. The audience is becoming addicted to being engaged more. It’s no longer about the event; it’s all about the engagement and the value. The position of the customer is higher and relationships are becoming even stronger.  The pressure is on for the event industry to adapt to the changing times. As technology advances, things are becoming easier but more complex, which makes both parties win. From better communication to the way interaction happens it’s all about the technology.

These days’ audiences want something different, they want more than just invitations, registrations and surveys. They want more communication; they want to be engaged more in the most effective ways. Social media is taking this place, LIVE events happening right on social media is what I mean. So it has now become a two way game, engagement on both online and offline, before, during and after, messages reach to participants effectively.

Understanding is key. Before an event, understanding has to be enhanced through event messages by creating and driving engagements to audiences.  Events are becoming very important as most organizations are trying to enhance their branding messages by engaging their customers, partners and employees.  This has never been in existences in a couple of centuries before. Who can guess what’s going to happen in the next couple centuries. We can only speculate, but this is heading somewhere good.

Gone are the days when it seemed like planning an event was the hardest task ever, now tools and resources are at the disposal of anyone planning an event. The time frame for organizing an event has been reduced to an inch; people are focusing on the most important things like the value they will bring forth to the customer or audience involved. This leaves everyone feeling happy and satisfied.

The power of social media &online registrations is way underrated, but fortunately not for too long. Understanding has been enhanced to a bigger part of the world’s population. From emails to YouTube channels to Facebook, Things have never been so easier and effective; it only takes understanding and the will to do what’s required.

The future is going mobile; you can see it all around you. Everyone is switched on and that’s where event technology is headed. Innovation on events has been on the rise, and corporations are taking advantage of this. Consumer experience has been leveraged. Event websites are coming up and are making things even easier,, are a few examples.

“It’s been fascinating watching just how fast things have changed,” said Brian Solis, principal at Altimeter Group, at a New York conference this year. He spoke about next steps and generational shifts in the ways we approach and interact with the events we attend.


“We all have to think — as planners, as organizers, as experience-architects — what that will look like,” Solis said. “There was a time we’d ask you to turn your phones off. There was a time when we wouldn’t provide Wi-Fi. And there was a time when we actually expected you to make eye contact with the person on a stage. Now, I’m actually better off if I just see your foreheads lift up. It means you’re sharing the experience.”


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