How to make your hotel website Rank higher with simple algorithm hacks.

Learn how Popularity Ranking algorithm works and what you can do to improve your ranking.

  1. Quality

The higher the review scores the higher the ranking. Hotels with 4 & 5 bubble ratings will always appear higher than hotels with 1 & 2 bubble ratings. Serve clients well, & they will always pump you up with positive reviews and then you win. Nothing much!

  1. Recency

People trust experiences. If you can give more recent reviews, videos or news about what’s happening in your hotel in real time, you will always have authority on travellers purchasing decisions. Travellers hoping to book a hotel couldn’t care less how your hotel resembled 5 years prior, they want to know what they can expect if they stayed with you tomorrow. Your hotel must continually live up to visitors’ desires to keep ranking higher.

  1. Quantity

10x your content and watch your numbers explode. Content marketing is basically anything that passes on a message to your audience; be it a photograph, video, blog article, tweet, pin, or something unique. Each time you say something, or show something, it’s substance. Rather than simply publicizing your hotel, give relevant content travellers care about.

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