See how this hotel made itself more Swahili

There are Swahili designed spaces that can make you want to go for holiday every day. Well, if you have the ability, why not? This hotel was designed with a combination of a mid-century vibe with the industrial style – they are both trendy. The beauty hides in the simplicity of these designs.

It was built in a modern design with a permanent appeal. Nothing flashy, nothing freakish. This design will have you nostalgically reminiscing sweeter times of years 100BC when vampires still existed. The luscious designs, and an original blend of colour will have you want to stay for a little bit longer!


Medina Palm, Watamu–is the ideal spot for having an idyllic romantic weekend. With its great location, Located in The heart of Watamu, it has the main goal of offering guests a home feeling due to the quality, service, interior design and ambiance. It feels like you just went into Paradise.

It will definitely make you daydream for more hours. The interior Swahili luxury design, offers a splendid decor style. It is more experience than it is just another hotel. Each space is an immersion in design.

Dare to enter Medina, where it’s full of a residential comfort with Swahili modern decor. You can choose among different apartments with all the modern facilities as well as elegant and classic swahili furniture. Its style interior turns it unique and the high quality of the rooms attributes a casually elegant look.

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