Super awesome ways to relax at Leopard Beach Resort

Leopard Beach Resort

It’s true, amid any paradise there’s a sanctuary of calm to be found.  When one arrives at at Leopard Beach resort, it’s often said that an instant feeling of calm or relief is experienced, just by setting foot into the tranquil environment of the Resort. For those who desire a respite from theme park hopping, or from the hustle and bustle of daily life itself, there are several options to relax, rejuvenate, and restore one’s body and mind.

  1. Indulge in a treatment at The Uzuri Spa: Spa offers a full-service hair and nail salon. It’s easy to spend the day relaxing outdoor relaxing at the lounge, or taking advantage of spacious facilities including a steam room, whirlpool and experience shower – always complimentary to Resort guests. Spas offer several exclusive treatments. When it’s time to truly relax, The Spa awaits.
  2. Adult pool: The only adult pool to be found on some Resorts. The best part of the adult pool experience is the service. Attendant food and beverage servers offer up hourly amenities, such as a chilled towel or a fresh smoothie. Cocktails, mocktails and more can be ordered poolside, so one never has to leave the comfort of their lounge chair, or sacrifice the blissful view.
  3. Yoga class: Participate in a twilight meditation class or sunrise yoga class. Certified yoga instructors are adept at calming the body and mind with their skilled techniques.
  4. Unwind : Napping places abound at the resort, and two of the lesser known spots for a quick snooze is the room at The Uzuri Spa and the hanging pods by The pool. The pods are ideal for those who like an open-air rest, assisted with the gentle sway of the breeze and the soft sound of water in the background. Grab a book, or your favorite playlist, and “veg out” in these quiet zones.

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