Top 3 Email Marketing tools for Hotels


  1. Fresh Mail
  • Using Fresh mail, you can create visually arresting hotel marketing emails that look similar to stunning product demo pages. This free service offers an intuitive editor, streamlined templates and hundreds of fonts, media blocks, buttons, drag-and-drop content sections, images and more. Other features include A/B testing, inbox inspector and real-time tracking. (Free for up to 2,000 emails and 500 contacts)
  1. Puts Mail
  • After spending hours collecting details and writing copy for your hotel’s next monthly newsletter or email marketing campaign, use PutsMail to see a functional, immediate preview of the email itself. This means you can skip sending countless test emails to yourself to scout out any edits. Just enter the email’s HTML and subject line and see a fully functional preview. (Free)
  1. Mail Chimp

Want more insight into sending better marketing emails that get opened and convert? MailChimp’s Forever Free Plan offers a host of dynamic features, including rich contact profiles that track interactions with your hotel’s emails, and the ability to send email newsletters based on photos you captured on your phone.

One of the more popular and valuable services is the Subject Line Researcher. Type in phrases you’re considering as a subject line and you’ll see how well those keywords performed for other MailChimp users. (Free for up to 2,000 email subscribers)


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