Why creating random acts of content will kill you.

Brands need to stop creating random acts of content.

60% of marketers either don’t have a strategy or they have one and it’s just not documented. That’s right, more than 60% of marketer are still dropping the ball on their content marketing strategy. It may seem obvious by now, apparently not since 60% of marketers are creating content on the fly-but documented strategies are essential for content marketing to be sustainable for any organisation.

Six components you need to document

  • Goals & Objectives: what do you want content to do for your organisation?
  • Target Audience: Who are you targeting and why?
  • Channels: Where is content going, and what is its purpose on each channel?
  • Content Execution: What does all this content look like, and how will it be executed?
  • Promotion: What content is amplified, and their budget to do so?
  • Metrics: What are we measuring and how?


Thinking Like Television Networks

What’s your favorite television show? It doesn’t matter if it’s on cable or only via streaming. Just think about your favorite show. Notice anything about it from a content marketing perspective ? Regardless of what you watch or where or what the show is about, the model for content marketing lies with some of our favorite shows. That’s right in order to be successful, we need to think like networks and create consistent formatted shows audience can look forward to.


Creating Micro-Content from Shows
Finally, there is Content atomization. Content atomization is the process of taking one very big content piece( show) and breaking it up into several smaller pieces of content. It’s literally a process of creating more with less. When it comes to atomizing content, it’s best to follow the 1:8 rule.

For Example, a video showcasing how a chef’s special meal for the day was prepared might look a little something like this:

1. Recap of Video Highlights
2. Inforgraphic of several ingredients & their benefits to the consumer
3. Dedicated interview with key players of the meal preparation
4. Behind the scenes
5. Announcement Blog post
6. Fun Facts about the type of meal prepared
7. Feature customer: spotlight, where you post an image/video of a customer enjoying the meal.
8. Reporting trends around the whole context of the video


A simple Guide to making your content production easy

Content Marketing Made Easy by Daniel Mweri



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